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Birthday Cupcakes Despicable Me Minions




Chocolate cupcakes ( use Chocolate layer cake recipe for cake base )

Fill Yellow Cake Pans (makes about 21) I fill to 3/4 so the cakes have height ( the mixture is runny use a measuring cup to pour )

Bake for 15 min 180 degrees ( Cool before decorating )

To Make yellow icing add yellow food dye to Fondant Icing ( buy at supermarket in a box )( use food handling gloves )

To make the grey for around the eyes add Queens writing icing Black to the white fondant icing use about 6 th of the block.

To draw mouth and straps use Queens writing icing in black.

To make the white of the eye use small amount of the white fondant roll in a ball and flatten.

!. Cover cooled cake with a rolled cut circle of the yellow icing.
2. Make the white of the eye and place in the middle.
3. Roll the grey icing into round strap and place around the eye using a knife to seal.
4. Draw sides and middle of the eye and mouth with the black.

I also made lolly bags & Popcorn cups ( cellophane bags & yellow cups adding print outs ) Tied with yellow ribbon.

Bon Appetite


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